Hiking landing page template for Figma

Hiking landing page template for Figma

Today’s new freebie was made by Kryston Schwarze.

This is a landing page template for a hiking website designed in Figma.

It’s got lot of images and a pretty interesting layout. It could be used as inspiration for a wide range of travel and blog related projects.

Thanks for sharing with the community!

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Figma Instagram UI 2021 - iOS

Figma Instagram iOS Template 2021

Today we are featuring a new freebie created by Piero Borgo.

He recreated the latest 2021 iOS UI for Instagram. It also has a dark mode. This template includes many components like icons and avatar images.

Some of the screens included in the design are Feed Screen, Profile Screen, New post, Story with reply, etc.

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Material Design System 3 Figma

Figma Material Design System (Premium)

Here’s another amazing premium Figma resource from Roman Kamushken

Material Design System is a Components-based, responsive design UI kit featuring a unique architecture enabling you to design faster and prototype smarter.

Made of nested components for qucik cross-customization, created to fit both desktop & mobile applications, the materials & custom design modules fitted to 8dp grid, and a web API is available for real-time app integration.

This kit also includes 60 app templates, hundreds of components, and 1000+ material icons.

What an awesome premium Figma resource, all worth its price!


Check out the full preview

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Ikonate - 338 free Figma icons

Ikonate – 338 free Figma icons

Make sure to check out this new awesome freebie, created by Mikołaj Dobrucki.

Ikonate is a set of free and open-source vector icons for Figma.

There are 338 icons in this collection. The icons are based on the 24×24 grid.

A fantastic free resource.. you can never have too many icons in your arsenal 🙂

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Free Figma Furniture Shop template

Free Figma Furniture Shop template

Kudos to Yahya Amirudin who is back with yet another brilliant freebie.

This is a free Figma furniture shop website template which has a minimalist and super clean style.

Yahya has used images having a free license so you can easily use this in your designs.

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Mono icons - Free Figma icon set

Mono icons – Free Figma icon set

The awesome designers at Mono created this new freebie and shared it with the Figma community.

It’s a completely free collection of free icons for Figma. You can use these open-source icons in your app or website designs, in both commercial as well as personal projects.

Thanks so much for making this available for free.

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Woo Figma landing page template

Woo Figma landing page template

Make sure to have a look at this cool new resource shared by pablo r.

It’s a great redesign of the WooCommerce web page, a great landing page template that you can use as inspiration for your own projects.

Thanks Pablo!

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