Cabana - Figma Design Starter kit

Cabana – Figma Design Starter kit

Check out today’s Figma freebie, created by Marc Andrew.

Cabana will help you ideate faster, design stronger products from wireframe to launch, and is an essential tool for any designer working with Figma.

With Cabana you and your team can save countless production hours, and speed up your UI Design process for each, and every project.

Work from a single source of truth, allowing yourself to stay organized, your creativity to shine through, and really focus on the design process at hand.

Use Cabana as a starting template to quickly build out your own System, and easily modify it to suit your own personal preferences.

Create beautiful UIs for both Desktop and Mobile. Cabana includes a massive selection of Text, Color, and Effects Styles, helping you quickly create stunning UIs suited for both Desktop and Mobile use.

Masses of Overrides to help you customise to the max. With countless Component Overrides at your disposal, you can easily create something that is perfectly suited to your current project, whilst still enabling you to keep things consistent.


See full preview here




Built with Cabana

Cabana Dashboard

Cabana Header

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