Material Design System 3 Figma

Figma Material Design System (Premium)

Here’s another amazing premium Figma resource from Roman Kamushken

Material Design System is a Components-based, responsive design UI kit featuring a unique architecture enabling you to design faster and prototype smarter.

Made of nested components for qucik cross-customization, created to fit both desktop & mobile applications, the materials & custom design modules fitted to 8dp grid, and a web API is available for real-time app integration.

This kit also includes 60 app templates, hundreds of components, and 1000+ material icons.

What an awesome premium Figma resource, all worth its price!


Check out the full preview

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Desktop UI Kit, components and layouts

Figma Dashboard System UI kit (Premium)

Here’s another stunning premium Figma UI kit created by our friend Roman Kamushken

This Dashboard System UI Kit is an incredible collection of dashboard templates, desktop website layouts and standalone software UI templates, made of beautifully designed and flexible components that you can use in any web or desktop project you are working on with Figma, from websites, to admin dashboards, to standalone software.

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Simplekits Premium Figma Design System

Simplekits Premium Figma Design System

Make sure to have a look at this brand new premium Figma resource, created by Simplekits.

Simplekits is a design system that focuses on laying a strong foundation of core components that allow you to quickly and easily edit and build the rest of your project without spending too much time recreating all the elements over and over again.

It’s time to stop making every design element from scratch and start using a design system that has the most common components ready to go so that you can get straight to the creative stuff.

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Massive Figma Premium Design System

Massive Figma Premium Design System

Check out today’s premium resource, created by SaaS Design.

A library of more than 1500 editable UI components designed in Figma which will help you save time and money when starting a new project.

These components are highly customizable and easy to use.

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Most - Figma Premium Design System

Most – Figma iOS Premium Design System

Make sure to have a look at this awesome new premium resource created by Roman Kamushken

Here’s a top quality premium iOS design system for Figma.

It contains 600+ flexible and easy to use components spread over 14 categories like buttons & chips, segmented tabs, lists & table views, inputs, popovers, calendars, pickers, etc.

It helps designers, organisations and developers to save time and money allowing them to create creative looking apps in no time.


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Cabana - Figma Design Starter kit

Cabana – Figma Design Starter kit

Check out today’s Figma freebie, created by Marc Andrew.

Cabana will help you ideate faster, design stronger products from wireframe to launch, and is an essential tool for any designer working with Figma.

With Cabana you and your team can save countless production hours, and speed up your UI Design process for each, and every project.

Work from a single source of truth, allowing yourself to stay organized, your creativity to shine through, and really focus on the design process at hand.

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Figma Premium eCommerce iOS design system

Figma Premium eCommerce iOS design system

Make sure to have a look at this cool new premium Figma resource created by Robert Licau at

eCommerce iOS Design System is a big collection of 600+ customizable UI Elements and Icons for Figma.

The UI elements are fully customizable with the least number of clicks. The elements look great and are well-organized so that you can easily find the items that allow you to create superb design for your iOS apps.

Use these elements to speed-up your workflow and save hundreds of hours of work!

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S8 Figma UI kit

S8 Figma Design System (Premium)

Here we go again, we are featuring yet another premium Figma resource from Roman Kamushken

S8 Design System is a stunning premium resource which enables you to design mobile and desktop responsive websites within the same components and instances. It’s an adjustable, super organized and  responsive UI library based on modular web application patterns.

  • 120+ UI components
  • 40+ app templates
  • Popular and reusable UX patterns
  • 2 themes and font styles
  • fully organized and labeled
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