Ikonate - 338 free Figma icons

Ikonate – 338 free Figma icons

Make sure to check out this new awesome freebie, created by Mikołaj Dobrucki.

Ikonate is a set of free and open-source vector icons for Figma.

There are 338 icons in this collection. The icons are based on the 24×24 grid.

A fantastic free resource.. you can never have too many icons in your arsenal 🙂

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Mono icons - Free Figma icon set

Mono icons – Free Figma icon set

The awesome designers at Mono created this new freebie and shared it with the Figma community.

It’s a completely free collection of free icons for Figma. You can use these open-source icons in your app or website designs, in both commercial as well as personal projects.

Thanks so much for making this available for free.

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50 Free Figma generic icons

50 free Figma generic icons

Check out today’s freebie, created by diogo.

A free collection of 50 generic black and white icons for Figma.

Since these are monotone icons, you can always change the color to match the colors of your project.

Thanks for making this!

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Phosphor - 683 free Figma icons

Phosphor – 683 free Figma icons

Here’s a nice little freebie kindly shared by Phosphor Icons.

Phosphor is a Free Figma icon set that will solve all your icon needs. This set of icons is designed at 16x16px and can be scaled up. They are available in 6 weights: Duotone, Bold, Fill, Regular, Light, and Thin.

So, whatever your icon requirement, you will find a style that suits your project.

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200 Free Figma World Flags

200 Free Figma World Flags

Here is a new free Figma resource created by Sabri Hakuli.

A set of more than 200 free world flag icons designed in Figma. They come with both Original Aspect Ratio and 16:9 Aspect Ratio and are super easy to use.

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Burn Figma app icon

Burn Figma app icon

Collin Hadley created this new freebie and shared it with the community.

A free icon designed specially for fire, fitness, and conquest themes.

It was mainly designed as a logo for this fitness app concept called Burn N’ Earn.

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1000+ Premium Figma icon set

Choosing the right set of icons when you design a new app or website can make a huge difference in the final result of your project. This fantastic set of premium Figma icons will fix this for you!

This icon set is simply called “The icon of”, and it has been created by the very talented Majo Puterka.

This incredible collection of Figma icons consists of 1000+ pixel perfect icons suitable for any kind 
of design project and totally compatible with Figma.

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