Material Design System 3 Figma

Figma Material Design System (Premium)

Here’s another amazing premium Figma resource from Roman Kamushken

Material Design System is a Components-based, responsive design UI kit featuring a unique architecture enabling you to design faster and prototype smarter.

Made of nested components for qucik cross-customization, created to fit both desktop & mobile applications, the materials & custom design modules fitted to 8dp grid, and a web API is available for real-time app integration.

This kit also includes 60 app templates, hundreds of components, and 1000+ material icons.

What an awesome premium Figma resource, all worth its price!


Check out the full preview

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Constructor Multipurpose UI Kit for Figma

Constructor Multipurpose UI Kit for Figma

Here’s an awesome new premium Figma resource created by the people at Spline.One

It’s a multipurpose UI Kit called Constructor and it features a crazy amount of Blocks, UI Cards and Templates across different categories, which can be used in an infinite amount of combinations.

This kit will allow you to approach your next design project with Figma in a fast, creative and easy way.

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Saas ui kit figma

Saas – Figma Dashboard UI kit (Premium)

Here’s a great Premium Figma UI kit created by the talented people at SaaS Design

This modern dashboard UI kit was built from the ground up in Figma. Ideal for saving time and resources on projects, this kit can be used to speed up your workflow with pixel-perfect design.

With desktop, tablet, and mobile screens, this kit was designed with Figma components, making editing easier than ever. Whether you’re a designer, an agency owner, startup founder, or a developer, this design system is a handy tool for completing projects.


– 80 Templates (Desktop, tablet and mobile screens)
– Native Figma Components for Easy Editing
– Customizable Style Guides
– Commercial License


See full preview here

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Square - Figma Premium Dashboard UI Kit

Square – Figma Premium Dashboard UI Kit

Today we are featuring a new awesome premium resource made by the super talented guys at Designspace.

Square Dashboard is a Premium Figma UI kit crafted with passion and skillful precision, it has features that are very complete according to your product needs.

Super versatile and can easily be adapted for projects like: Project Management, Messaging Platform, Social Media Analytics, Sales Analytics, Job Search, Knowledge Base, Education, ..

With a total of 300 screens, 600 symbols, and 130+ text styles, it will help you create awesome designs for any dashboard you are working on.

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Desktop UI Kit, components and layouts

Figma Dashboard System UI kit (Premium)

Here’s another stunning premium Figma UI kit created by our friend Roman Kamushken

This Dashboard System UI Kit is an incredible collection of dashboard templates, desktop website layouts and standalone software UI templates, made of beautifully designed and flexible components that you can use in any web or desktop project you are working on with Figma, from websites, to admin dashboards, to standalone software.

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Huge illustration pack & creator (Premium)

Today we are featuring yet another great premium resource created by our friend Robert Licau.

It’s not a UI kit this time, but a huge library of High Quality illustrations for Figma, beautifully designed and ready for you to be used on your web and mobile UI/UX projects.

  • 300+ Illustrations
  • 50+ High-Quality Scenes
  • 100+ Web & Mobile UI Templates
  • Illustration Creator fully compatible with Figma (import images as vector SVGs or PNGs)


We don’t usually feature illustration packs but this is a truly remarkable resource which will be a great addition to your arsenal of design resources.

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Figma Premium Wireframe UI kit

Today we are featuring yet another amazing Premium Figma resource created by the great design team at SaaS Design

This Figma wireframe UI kit, created exclusively for Figma users, is here to help speed up your workflow with easy-to-modify components and 80+ templates (simply drag and drop!).

Create beautiful wireframes for desktop, mobile, and tablet in minutes.


– Easy to edit (using Figma components)

– Hundreds of components for your wireframes

– 80+ templates (includes desktop, mobile, and tablet versions)

– Customizable style guide and assets

– Access to all future updates

– Modern, user-friendly layouts

– Free Google Fonts included

– Help documentation included

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Platforma2 Figma Wireframe kit (Premium)

Here is an awesome new Figma Wireframing Kit created by the very talented guys at Great Simple.

Platforma 2 is a premium collection of web UI components which you can use to create effective wireframes in Figma.

It features a stunning set of 173 layouts which you can easily combine and use as a flexible and powerful design system.

Platforma 2 is a great addition to your set of premium Figma wireframe kits.


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websy figma landing templates

Figma Landing Page Templates (Premium)

Today we are featuring a great Premium Figma resource created by our friend Roman Kamushken.

Websy is a comprehensive landing pages web design system carefully crafted for Figma, including 18 web templates & 106 design blocks.

It allows you to quickly launch mobile & desktop websites by building any pages from responsive pre-designed blocks. It helps you represent your service, product or application in the most clean and convenient way.

What’s included:

  • 18 complete templates for mobile and desktop landing pages
  • 106 design blocks you can use to create websites for any purpose
  • More than 150+ constrained Figma components
  • 240+ outlined Feather icons set

A truly amazing resource, all worth its price.

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AProject - Figma responsive landing pages

AProject – Figma premium responsive landing pages

From the creator of Aron, one of the best selling premium kits featured on FigmaCrush, today we are featuring yet another amazing product by Laaqiq

AProject is a great collection of versatile, killer-looking Responsive Landing Pages for Figma, each of them from a specific industry and updated with new additions every week.

It is perfectly organized and designed with latest design trends.

With this kit you will get a big pack of responsive landing pages (new templates every week) and 48 universal wireframes for portfolio, blog and contact pages.

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