Desktop UI Kit, components and layouts

Figma Dashboard System UI kit (Premium)

Here’s another stunning premium Figma UI kit created by our friend Roman Kamushken

This Dashboard System UI Kit is an incredible collection of dashboard templates, desktop website layouts and standalone software UI templates, made of beautifully designed and flexible components that you can use in any web or desktop project you are working on with Figma, from websites, to admin dashboards, to standalone software.

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Saas ui kit figma

Saas – Figma Dashboard UI kit (Premium)

Here’s a great Premium Figma UI kit created by the talented people at SaaS Design

This modern dashboard UI kit was built from the ground up in Figma. Ideal for saving time and resources on projects, this kit can be used to speed up your workflow with pixel-perfect design.

With desktop, tablet, and mobile screens, this kit was designed with Figma components, making editing easier than ever. Whether you’re a designer, an agency owner, startup founder, or a developer, this design system is a handy tool for completing projects.


– 80 Templates (Desktop, tablet and mobile screens)
– Native Figma Components for Easy Editing
– Customizable Style Guides
– Commercial License


See full preview here

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Figma e-learning dashboard template

Figma e-learning dashboard template

Toda created this new freebie and shared it with the community.

An e-learning dashboard template for Figma. It’s got a learner friendly design with great fonts and colors.

It’s available in dark and light mode.

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Square - Figma Premium Dashboard UI Kit

Square – Figma Premium Dashboard UI Kit

Today we are featuring a new awesome premium resource made by the super talented guys at Designspace.

Square Dashboard is a Premium Figma UI kit crafted with passion and skillful precision, it has features that are very complete according to your product needs.

Super versatile and can easily be adapted for projects like: Project Management, Messaging Platform, Social Media Analytics, Sales Analytics, Job Search, Knowledge Base, Education, ..

With a total of 300 screens, 600 symbols, and 130+ text styles, it will help you create awesome designs for any dashboard you are working on.

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Figma payment page template

Figma payment page template

Check out today’s freebie, created by Caddiesoft.

A free Figma template for a payment page. This banking service app has a very clean and user-centered design that makes transactions easy and less confusing.

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