Huge illustration pack & creator (Premium)

Today we are featuring yet another great premium resource created by our friend Robert Licau.

It’s not a UI kit this time, but a huge library of High Quality illustrations for Figma, beautifully designed and ready for you to be used on your web and mobile UI/UX projects.

  • 300+ Illustrations
  • 50+ High-Quality Scenes
  • 100+ Web & Mobile UI Templates
  • Illustration Creator fully compatible with Figma (import images as vector SVGs or PNGs)


We don’t usually feature illustration packs but this is a truly remarkable resource which will be a great addition to your arsenal of design resources.

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Browsers mockups for Figma

Browsers mockups for Figma

Here’s a nice little freebie kindly shared by Fábio Santos.

This is a set of Figma mockups of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and a generic browser. Includes Mac and Windows versions.

Free signup/login to Gumroad required to download the file.

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Data table Figma design system

Data table Figma design system

UI Prep created this new Figma freebie and shared it with the community.

Improve your workflow with this Data Table Figma Design System. It includes everything you need to design awesome tables following UI/UX best practices.

Included in the Figma (fig.) file are atomic base elements, common table components, saved table styles, clear documentation, quick start guide and tooltips.

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OnePlus 7T Figma mockup

OnePlus 7T Figma mockup

Here is a new free Figma resource created by JIN Design.

A free OnePlus 7T Figma mockup. It includes three options: a wireframe, a rendered mockup, and a rendered mockup with hand.

Happy downloading!

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S8 Figma UI kit

S8 Figma Design System (Premium)

Here we go again, we are featuring yet another premium Figma resource from Roman Kamushken

S8 Design System is a stunning premium resource which enables you to design mobile and desktop responsive websites within the same components and instances. It’s an adjustable, super organized and  responsive UI library based on modular web application patterns.

  • 120+ UI components
  • 40+ app templates
  • Popular and reusable UX patterns
  • 2 themes and font styles
  • fully organized and labeled
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