Ara - Figma Illustration Library

Ara – Figma Illustration Library

Check out today’s Figma freebie, created by Robert Licau at

It’s a free illustration library compatible with Figma and other design tools.

It contains 120 scalable and editable illustrations, 10 beautiful scenes in tech and business categories.

Great work! And the best part? It’s free!

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AProject - Figma responsive landing pages

AProject – Figma premium responsive landing pages

From the creator of Aron, one of the best selling premium kits featured on FigmaCrush, today we are featuring yet another amazing product by Laaqiq

AProject is a great collection of versatile, killer-looking Responsive Landing Pages for Figma, each of them from a specific industry and updated with new additions every week.

It is perfectly organized and designed with latest design trends.

With this kit you will get a big pack of responsive landing pages (new templates every week) and 48 universal wireframes for portfolio, blog and contact pages.

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Figma car rental app template

Figma car rental app template

Kudos to Ahmed Jabrane who designed this new freebie and decided to share it with the community.

Looking to rent a car of your choice? Well then here’s a free template of a car rental app designed in Figma which makes the whole process a whole lot easier.

Keep up the great work!

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Smart home animated Figma app

Smart home animated Figma app

Here’s a new free UI resource created by Alex Pushkin.

This Smart Home App template made with Figma allows you to control the most important room environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and lights. It also helps you to manage and configure devices at your home.

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Parking spot finder XD freebie

Parking spot finder Figma freebie

Check out today’s Figma newest mobile template, created by Saleh Riaz Qureshi.

Imagine the scenario: you need to withdraw money. You found an ATM but there’s a no parking board near it. Now, what do you do?

If you’ve got the parking spot finder app designed by Saleh you can simply check it to find the nearest parking spot.


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