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Desktop Wireframe Components Kit

Desktop Wireframe Components Kit

Many thanks to Reony Tonneyck who created and shared this new Figma resource.

A wireframe kit including all components with constraints and styles. These are grayscale only designs, to focus just on the UX and not distract the viewer

Enjoy this freebie!

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OnPoint free Figma app UI kit

Many thanks to Lukas Jurcik who created and shared this new Figma resource.

OnPoint is an advanced online E-commerce app & UI-Kit specifically designed to increase orders and boost customer satisfaction with simple and clear UI.

Enjoy this free resource!

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iOS 12 Figma Templates Library

iOS 12 Figma UI kit Library (Premium)

Our friend Roman Kamushken is back with yet another super useful premium UI Kit for Figma.

Figma iOS toolkit includes more than 300+ production-ready components and 40+ application layouts.

It’s your ultimate design kit for creating native, custom or wireframing layouts within 100% constrained components aimed at endless scalability.

Amazing premium Figma resource, totally worth its price!

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Figma Design Checklist

Figma Design Checklist

Here’s a nice little freebie kindly shared by Ben Fryc

A pretty useful checklist which will help fellow designers and design teams to better organise their work.

Thanks for creating this!

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