Material Design System 3 Figma

Figma Material Design System (Premium)

Here’s another amazing premium Figma resource from Roman Kamushken

Material Design System is a Components-based, responsive design UI kit featuring a unique architecture enabling you to design faster and prototype smarter.

Made of nested components for qucik cross-customization, created to fit both desktop & mobile applications, the materials & custom design modules fitted to 8dp grid, and a web API is available for real-time app integration.

This kit also includes 60 app templates, hundreds of components, and 1000+ material icons.

What an awesome premium Figma resource, all worth its price!


Check out the full preview

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Neumorphic Figma mobile concept

Neumorphic Figma mobile concept

Kudos to Samson Vowles who designed this new freebie and decided to share it with the community.

A free sample of a neumorphic mobile concept done in Figma.

The complete kit has more than 50 components and 15 screens, but you can download a free demo sample for free.

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