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Forma - Figma form generator

Forma – Figma form generator

Here is a new free Figma resource created by Arsen Kolyba

Forma is a form builder which takes advantage of Figma’s great features. You get an interactive and customizable form created from building blocks which you just swap out for any of the components from the library.

Hope you find this useful!

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Platforma2 Figma Wireframe kit (Premium)

Here is an awesome new Figma Wireframing Kit created by the very talented guys at Great Simple.

Platforma 2 is a premium collection of web UI components which you can use to create effective wireframes in Figma.

It features a stunning set of 173 layouts which you can easily combine and use as a flexible and powerful design system.

Platforma 2 is a great addition to your set of premium Figma wireframe kits.


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Uxflow 2.0 - Figma Flowchart Kit

Uxflow 2.0 – Figma Flowchart Kit

Greg Dlubacz created this new super useful freebie and shared it with us.

Uxflow is a great tool for creating simple and detailed sitemaps and flow charts. This is probably the biggest FREE flow chart tool for Figma out there. The best part? It’s totally free!

Thanks for sharing with the Figma community

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wireframe kit

Basic Figma Wireframe Kit

Check out today’s freebie, made available directly by the guys at Figma

You can speed up your workflow and validate your ideas with this Figma wireframe kit, all based on components.

Yet another great resource.

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