Cabana - Figma Design Starter kit

Cabana – Figma Design Starter kit

Check out today’s Figma freebie, created by Marc Andrew.

Cabana will help you ideate faster, design stronger products from wireframe to launch, and is an essential tool for any designer working with Figma.

With Cabana you and your team can save countless production hours, and speed up your UI Design process for each, and every project.

Work from a single source of truth, allowing yourself to stay organized, your creativity to shine through, and really focus on the design process at hand.

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Smart home Figma dashboard

Smart home Figma dashboard

Today’s new freebie was made by Bohdana Tyshchenko.

A free smart home Figma dashboard template with features like Automation of Lighting, Temperature Control, Control of Ventilation/Air Conditioning, Security Control, Humidity Control, etc.


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Ehya – Landing page Premium UI kit

Today we are featuring a new awesome premium Figma UI kit made by the super talented guys at DesignSpace.

Ehya is a landing page and marketing website template created for busy freelancers, product owners, and designers.

This product was created after more than 5 years of experience working on marketing websites and landing pages projects.

Each and every page in the template is styled to give the best user experience & improve conversions.

And if it wasn’t enough, the HTML version is also included!

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