Figma Gmail inbox template

Today we are featuring another freebie from Roman Kamushken.

A scalable and customizable Gmail mailbox concept design with Figma that includes library components with proper set constraints. Available for educational purpose.

Enjoy this free resource!

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Toxin – Free Figma UI kit

Today Metro is sharing yet another amazing freebie.

Toxin is a free UI kit done including a wide range of UI components and elements you can re-use in your own projects. Great, clean and simple design.

Thanks for sharing with the community another useful free resource.

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iOS App icon Template for Figma

Here’s a nice little freebie kindly shared by Denis Rojčyk.

It’s an iOS App Icon template which you can use to preview the icon for your iOS app on different screens and standard iOS layouts.

That’s what we call a very useful and time saving Figma resource!

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Presentation template generator for Figma

Roman Kamushken is back with another super useful Figma free resource.

Shotz is a free universal presentation template generator for Figma. You can use this freebie to create outstanding presentation mockups you can then publish on your portfolio, on Dribble, Behance or whatever other platform you might choose to showcase your work on.

Great stuff!

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Material Kit Figma – Free UI kit

Many thanks to the guys at Creative Tim who created and shared this free Figma resource.

As they mention on their page: “Material Kit Figma is a Bootstrap 4 UI Kit with a fresh, new design inspired by Google’s Material Design. You asked for it, so we built it. It’s a great pleasure to introduce to you the material concepts in an easy to use and beautiful set of components now available for Figma”

Happy downloading!

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Figma Android UI kit

Today we are featuring a great resource which is linked directly from the resource page.

A great Android UI kit including a wide range of components and UI elements which you can use in your next Android project with Figma: buttons, toolbars, dialogs, cards, form fields, sliders, grid lists and so much more.

Apr 2020 Update: as this kit is now a bit dated, you can find a much better Android UI kit here. It’s a huge premium collection of Android templates, spread across 10 different categories. Not free, but totally worth its price.

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