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Atro – Figma UI kit (Premium)

Atro – Figma Mobile UI kit (Premium)

Here we are today featuring a new beautiful premium Figma UI kit created by the very talented Adrian Chiran

The kit is called Atro and it includes 100+ carefully crafted mobile screens, 2 different icon sets (filled and lined styles) and 12 illustrations in two styles to match a light and dark theme.

This UI Kit has been designed using 750×1624 artboards and it will greatly help you to speed up your design workflow in your new projects with Figma.

Really great premium resource, make sure to check it out!

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Desktop UI Kit, components and layouts

Desktop UI Kit & components (Premium)

Here’s another stunning premium Figma UI kit created by our friend Roman Kamushken

It’s a presentation of possibilities to create any states of desktop layout for a web-based application or downloadable tool.

It includes a flexible application bar full of buttons grouped by color. Dropdown expanded menu for a clicked state. And a lot of cards and panels to provide a most informative dashboard for your customers.

A truly amazing Figma resource!

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Amazing Figma Charts templates (Premium)

Amazing Figma Charts Templates (Premium)

Our friend Roman Kamushken is back with another great premium Figma resource.

Graphz is a UI kit that takes your analytics, dashboards, presentations and data visualization to the next level.

This kit includes dozens of chart types like Histograms, Horizontal & Vertical bars, Heatmaps, Pie charts, Labeled bars, Line & Wave charts, Bubble graphs and more.

Exceptionally built from components, this charts kit makes it ultra easy for designers, developers and engineers to create rapidly customizable and beautiful graphs for dashboards, presentations, visualizations or any other products.

Graphz is also available with dark and light chart templates.

Awesome premium resource! Click on the button below to see a full preview.

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iOS 12 Figma Templates Library

iOS 12 Figma UI kit Library (Premium)

Our friend Roman Kamushken is back with yet another super useful premium UI Kit for Figma.

Figma iOS toolkit includes more than 300+ production-ready components and 40+ application layouts.

It’s your ultimate design kit for creating native, custom or wireframing layouts within 100% constrained components aimed at endless scalability.

Amazing premium Figma resource, totally worth its price!

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Material Design System for Figma (Premium)

Material Design System for Figma (Premium)

Here’s another amazing premium Figma resource from Roman Kamushken

Material Design System is a Components-based, responsive design UI kit featuring a unique architecture enabling you to design faster and prototype smarter.

Made of nested components for qucik cross-customization, created to fit both desktop & mobile applications, the materials & custom design modules fitted to 8dp grid, and a web API is available for real-time app integration.

This kit also includes 60 app templates, hundreds of components, and 1000+ material icons.

What an awesome premium Figma resource, all worth its price!

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Awesome – iOS mobile UI kit (Premium)

Awesome – iOS mobile UI kit (Premium)

We are very happy to feature this incredible premium Figma UI kit created by our friend Robert Licau.

It’s simply called “Awesome”, and he could not have found a better name for it!

It’s a massive collection of more than 100 premium iOS screens and 1000 UI elements, divided into 10 main categories.

Every single screen is beautifully designed and pixel perfect. We are sure this UI kit will be a great source of inspiration for any new iOS project you might start with Figma.

Great work Robert!

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websy figma landing templates

Figma Landing Page Templates (Premium)

Today we are featuring a great Premium Figma resource created by our friend Roman Kamushken.

Websy is a comprehensive landing pages web design system carefully crafted for Figma, including 18 web templates & 106 design blocks.

It allows you to quickly launch mobile & desktop websites by building any pages from responsive pre-designed blocks. It helps you represent your service, product or application in the most clean and convenient way.

What’s included:

  • 18 complete templates for mobile and desktop landing pages
  • 106 design blocks you can use to create websites for any purpose
  • More than 150+ constrained Figma components
  • 240+ outlined Feather icons set

A truly amazing resource, all worth its price.

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